About the Author

Hello.  I’m Jennifer and I’m a recovering Glutenaholic.

Until I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008, I had never heard of gluten.  It took a while to understand the impact this change in diet would have on my lifestyle.  We loved to socialize with friends over food and drink almost every weekend.  I must have cried for the first 6 months.  Then my body started to feel better.

As my husband and I learned more about how to eat at home and what questions to ask when out, it became a little easier.  I still felt like a victim, and was ashamed and embarrassed to ask too many questions at some restaurants.  It was difficult to explain to friends and family why I couldn’t eat the food they made, or have some dip after they stuck a cracker in it.  Sometimes, it’s still challenge.

It was about a year ago I decided I no longer wanted to live a sheltered life.  I was learning what were safe foods when eating out, and what kinds of places to avoid.  We found you didn’t need to buy lots of expensive specially-labeled Gluten Free foods at the grocery store when there were so many alternatives readily available, and already in our kitchen.

And that’s what this blog is about.  How to live a gluten free life to the fullest.  Not to feel like a special-needs patient, just make smarter choices, and think ahead, be prepared for those tricky situations!

Please leave a note on what challenges you’ve overcome, or advice you’re looking for. Been to any good restaurants lately?IMG_0076