Starbucks Gives Another Reason To Get Up in the Morning

I had heard about this new Gluten Free breakfast sandwich at Starbucks through the many groups I belong to, but assumed it would not be in my neck of the woods due to the lower than average % of celiac population. I frequently get blank stares when I ask about gluten in certain parts of town. So imagine my surprise to find it listed in the pastry case when I went for a coffee one morning!! This was more exciting than just finding a gluten free food, you see, one of my ‘if I ever cheat’ foods is the ham, egg, and cheese croissant from Dunkin Donuts. Don’t scoff, I bet you secretly dream of having a day to eat whatever you want, too.
After confirming with the barista that it was indeed handled in a gluten free manner, I placed my order and tried not to bounce around the restaurant too much. The place was full and these guys just would not understand my excitement.
Fast forward to sitting in my car after racing to my daughters new house to wait for the electrician. That hot little sandwich locked away in a well-sealed parchment bag, keeping me honest while darting across town. This sucker was going to need both hands to get into, no driving and eating this morning.
Waiting in the driveway, I prepared myself for the experience. If it wasn’t going to be good, then I was going to make the most of it.
Coffee properly seasoned and at drinking temperature. Seat pushed back so not to get crumbs on steering wheel. Napkin across lap in case it was oozing.
Ok, I’m ready. Out comes the sandwich. It stayed stacked fairly well, although there was some slight cheese loss from sitting on the passengers seat slightly askew. The english muffin had a very light powdery surface like you would find on regular english muffins. The egg and ham went edge to edge, if not just slightly beyond. This is important. Who wants to run out of egg and meat and be stuck with just bread? As I took my first bite, I was surprised to experience a bouncy texture to the bread, not the crumbly dry mess we’re used to with gluten free wannabes. The seasoning and flavor of the egg, cheese, and meat combination was good without being too sweet. I would have liked a little more salt content, but I guess I can add that myself to my next sandwich. What I was most surprised by was the texture. This held together from first bite to the last. Since it was heated in its prepackaged bag, it felt more steamed that toasted, which kept it moist but lacked that slight crunch texture on the bread surface and meat that you might get if you made it at home. My only real complaint was the size. Maybe in my excitement I ate it too fast, but I seriously could have eaten two of these. Lessons for next time! Yes, there will be more next times.


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