Treehouse, East Nashville, Tennessee

Treehouse Nashville TennesseeThe Treehouse in hip East Nashville left me disappointed.

After an evening event at the Nashville Zoo, we wanted to find a nice dinner to finish off the night.  In an effort to get out of the downtown tourist trap, I moved my Yelp search to the east part of town.  I had heard a lot about the up and coming Five Points neighborhood, so there I began my search for gluten-free dining.  A few options came up, and upon further investigation into other gluten-free review websites, I thought the Treehouse would be a nice fit.  A few people had some positive experiences, let’s give it a try!

We found it easily enough.  It was a cute building with a lot of decking around the outside.  Since it was dark, I could not see the ‘treehouse’ in full color, but the back area where we were sat was similar to the picture.  Rough sawn wood, trees through the decking, quaint string lights, and very hard benches.

We were given our menus and drinks orders were taken right away.  As always, I asked the hostess when we walked up if there was a gluten free menu.  She stated that our waiter should be able to help us.  We decided we wanted to order a few different plates and share since it was just after 10:00 and we were given the late-night menu with only small plate options.  When inquiring with the waiter which items would be gluten-free, he mentioned only two, the Goat Rice and the Steak & Eggs.  So we ordered both of those and one other dish for my gluten-loving husband, the Chicken Hearts with Spicy Cashew Cream.

His dish came out first, about 20 minutes after we placed the order.  He enjoyed quick enough that I forgot to take a photo.  We assumed the next dishes should be right out.  Nope.

Our waiter spent a lot of time chatting with a table full of girls, and walked quickly past us each time.  We ended up getting the attention of another waiter to find out why it was taking so long.  It had been about 45 minutes since our first dish was brought out.

Around 11:50 pm, our other two dishes arrived from the kitchen.  To start with, they did not look as appetizing as the plates that were delivered to our neighboring tables, but we were starving.

Treehouse Gluten Free Goat &RiceI started on the Goat Rice dish, described on the menu as BBQ Goat, Pigeon Peas, Rice, and Summer Salad.  I picked at the goat, which was tender and had a good flavor.  The salad had a fruit which I have an odd allergy to so I didn’t eat too much of it.  What I didn’t like about the dish, other than waiting so long for it, was there were small crunchy bits mixed in.  My biggest concern was that these were toasted bread crumbs that were not disclosed.  We quickly checked with the waiter and he confirmed they were merely bacon crumbles.

Treehouse Gluten free steak and eggsThe other dish of Steak & Eggs was described as Skirt Steak with 2 Fried Eggs, Potatoes, Ranchero Salsa, and Crema.  In a few minutes, my husband recognized the protein wasn’t skirt steak, it eye round subbed in it’s place.  We both found it to be tough.  He enjoyed the salsa and potatoes.  Luckily, he had had another dish, so he wasn’t leaving hungry.

If you are local to the area and want to go and have drinks with friends, I’m sure this place would be a great fit.  If you are looking for a restaurant that serves upscale food, gluten-free or not, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

We stopped at a different bar around the corner before heading home.  That bartender mentioned that he has seen a high turnover in staff in the year and a half they’ve been open.  It showed.  It did not appear that anyone cared about the quality of food or service.


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