Mead. And we’re not talking school supplies.


Remember the last time you bellied up to your local bar? Did you notice the number of beer taps growing in competition for the attention of you gluten-loving friends?
In a very competitive carbonated adult beverage market, breweries are stretching their skills and recipes to bring the ‘new, fashionable, and different’ to stand out in the crowd.

“But Jennifer”, you say, “we can’t drink beer! Why do you torture us like this?”

Next time you’re at your local watering hole, ask your bartender what they have for Mead.

What I like about mead is that it has the small batch characters that make each one you try feel special. You get to let your tastebuds and nose play with aromas of flowers and fruits like you’re drinking wine.
There is a sweetness that’s not overpowering. The aromas will dance under your nose before the nectar passes your lips.
Look at the color and texture.
Take a sip and feel the effort of all those little worker bees. Your beer friends have no idea what they’re missing.
Trust me, you’ll want to take your time and drink it slowly. Most meads have a higher alcohol content than your average beer.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read some of the reviews on Yelp for Cigar City’s pub in Tampa, Fl.  This location is dedicated to meads.  Ok, there are ciders and maybe a “beer”, too, but I could have spent all day savoring the many different beauties.

Let you beer lovin’ friends in on the secret. The greater the demand, the more likely your bar will keep bringing new creations to the public.

Mmmmmm. Mead.


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