Nami Japanese Steakhouse

Our first trip here was based on a groupon purchase and we came for dinner.  The hibachi tables were busy, but we preferred the dining room, anyways. The waitress we had was very friendly, almost to friendly, but I was ecstatic when she understood what it meant when I said I had a gluten allergy. We heard her go behind the counter and explain to the sushi chef that he needed to change gloves and use care not to cross contaminate my meal. Score!

We liked the diversity in the menu- lots of noodle dishes and other items you may not get at a regular sushi place.

I just returned for lunch today and sat at the sushi bar. The service was quick and friendly, but not too over talkative.  The quality of the sushi I ordered was very fresh and well made.   We may come more often. A nice alternative to some of the sushi places in town that are all about the martinis and image.  If you’re local, you know who I’m talking about!!!nami


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